Zen Doodle

In school I covered my notes with doodles.  Something's never change

Very zen

Very zen

Many of the finished pieces get turned into the covers of journals or I make art print greeting cards.   

I carry a sketchbook everywhere as a way of distressing.  Waiting for a bus, sitting at the Dr office, etc..... Nothing fills time like doodling! 

Lets knit

Hello beautiful


This year I learned to knit...with needles. I have been finger knitting and arm knitting for years so I challenged myself to learn the more traditional method.  


Using two long paintbrushes for needles, I watched videos online and practiced casting on and doing a simple knit stitch.  

The first few samples didn't look like much but I quickly got the hang of it.  


Scarf anyone? 

Recycled giftwrap Button Front note Book

I was fortunate enough to happen upon a great collection of vintage gift wrap.  little by little, I have been using it for special projects.


I started by cutting the pages of giftwrap in rectangles measuring approximately 5" by 10".  The pages are a nice size when folded in half.  15 pages per signature (a signature is a section of pages to be sewn into a binding).  

Two signatures per notebook, bound in a card-stock weight cardboard.

Final touches with button and string closure on the fold over cover

All Seven Threads products are made with upcycled materials.