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The Building of an Open House

Knock Knock


Showing your artwork is a stressful event.  As an artist, opening up your studio multiples the anxiety by ten  


When I first started going to markets I would be on the lookout for things to make that people would buy.  Simple right?? Supply and demand.  The problems that arise are also simple.  Am I a product or an artist? 


I make things and sell them.  I am both an artist and a business woman. I love the combination of both sides of the brain.  

Day of open house

Day of open house

The truth is I love selling as much as making.  Interacting with people and telling my story never gets old.  Actually, the longer I practice my art the more enjoyable it gets  


What is your art form?? Painting, sewing or knitting? 

how about accounting, cashier or mother of three?  Everyday life is art.   

When I open my house to the public I open my heart  


Recycled giftwrap Button Front note Book

I was fortunate enough to happen upon a great collection of vintage gift wrap.  little by little, I have been using it for special projects.


I started by cutting the pages of giftwrap in rectangles measuring approximately 5" by 10".  The pages are a nice size when folded in half.  15 pages per signature (a signature is a section of pages to be sewn into a binding).  

Two signatures per notebook, bound in a card-stock weight cardboard.

Final touches with button and string closure on the fold over cover

All Seven Threads products are made with upcycled materials.