Our store features Handcrafted Items, Unique Collections and Original Art. Ranging from music, pottery, lux items and one-of-a-kind fashions, Studio Seven Artisans highlights province-wide talent.  Evenings on El Patio are spent sipping a drink and enjoying local music performed live.  Drop in....We will put the on coffee.

Based in Miramichi New Brunswick, Canada




About Sandra

I'm an artist, a thrifter and a woman with a love for fashion. Everything I create comes from found objects. Thrift stores, yardsales and curbsides are what make my art tick. I make my own jewlery from beads and buttons, my own canvas from cardboard and can make a sweater from clothing people no longer loved.

Seven Threads has been in my life for over 15 years and grows more popular by the day. Learn more about me.


All Seven Threads products are made with upcycled materials.