About Sandra and Seven Threads

I'm an artist, a thrifter and a woman with love for fashion. Everything I create comes from found objects. Thrift stores, yardsales and curbsides are what make my art tick. I make my own jewlery from beads and buttons, my own canvas from cardboard and can make a sweater from clothing people no longer loved. Seven Threads has been in my life for over 15 years and grows more popular by the day.

My work involves found objects. I make scarfs from sweaters and jewelry from beads and gems that once belonged to others.

My work is varied, but often involves paper. I love paper. I write on it, I collect it, and I hoard it in drawers. I often get lost in stationery stores.

Everything I create comes from found objects. 
Objects in thrift stores, yard sales, curbsides and of course dumpsters. I love dumpsters.
I often make my own canvas and use cardboard boxes for many pieces I complete.

Art, photography, jewelry, books, fashion.........they all blend into one happy collection. A pack-rats dream. I have jars and jars of buttons along with old suitcases of beads and baubles.

All Seven Threads products are made with upcycled materials.